Commercial Radon Mitigation – Waukesha, Wisconsin

Commercial Radon Mitigation in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Commercial Radon Mitigation WaukeshaElevated levels of radon gas are prevalent throughout Wisconsin. Waukesha is an area identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as having the highest potential for indoor radon screening at levels that can be harmful to health. If you run a business in Waukesha you may be concerned that your commercial properties contain high levels of radon gas. If they do, you will need to organize a commercial radon mitigation program to protect your health and that of your employees. Although you cannot see, taste, or smell if, radon gas is a serious health hazard. Statistics reveal it to be one of the major causes of lung cancer in the U.S., second only to cigarette smoking.

Rather than reacting to raised radon levels at a time that interferes with your company’s production schedule, you can take control of the situation by contacting S.W.A.T Environmental. We have experienced contractors based in Waukesha who can attend at your commercial premises, carry out professional radon testing, and advise you on relevant commercial radon mitigation measures suitable for your property.

Commercial Radon Mitigation Specialists in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Radon gas is formed when rocks decay in the soil under Waukesha, Wisconsin. The gas seeps through the soil and, if it reaches the air, it drifts off harmlessly. However, if the radon gas is produced in the vicinity of commercial premises, the difference between the soil pressure and the air pressure inside creates a vacuum which sucks the radioactive gas in through small holes, cracks, and vents. If this happens to your commercial property, radon levels within the building will rise.

While the State of Wisconsin has no certification program for commercial radon mitigation contractors, you should seek out a qualified professional with relevant experience to tackle radon problems within your commercial property.

S.W.A.T Environmental provides access to highly-trained commercial radon mitigation contractors who have built up years of relevant experience implementing mitigation programs across Wisconsin. You can trust us to test your commercial property for radon, provide a thorough report, and recommend necessary mitigation measures that will lower current levels and prevent further radon from entering your business premises.

Commercial Radon Mitigation Methods

S.W.A.T Environmental experienced contractors, based in Waukesha, WI have tried and tested methods of dealing with commercial mitigation that can be tailored to your business premises. We first have to ascertain the entry points for the radioactive gas. We then equalize the air pressure to prevent further radon penetration. The final step in our mitigation plan is reduction of the radon present in the air within the building. When you entrust your commercial radon mitigation program to S.W.A.T Environmental, you can be sure that you are doing the very best for you, your staff, and your business.