Air Purification Systems – Waukesha, Wisconsin

Air Purification Systems in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Air Purification WaukeshaNo matter how hard you clean your home, you will be unable to eliminate all the air-borne pollutants if you run an air handling system to heat or cool your home. Micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses thrive in the processed air and are circulated around your home by the air handling system. In the same way, air quality within Waukesha, Wisconsin offices and workplaces can be contaminated via the heating and cooling systems.

Indoor air quality is vitally important as the average person spends over 70 percent of their time indoors. It is, therefore, concerning to realize that indoor air quality contains up to 1,000 more harmful organisms and bacteria than outdoor air.

However, help is at hand. By contacting S.W.A.T Environmental, you can improve the quality of the air breathed by your family or employees with an air purification system. We can deliver and install an Ultraviolet Air Purification system which cleans and freshens the air that passes through your air handling system. Our Air Purification UV sterilization systems will improve the indoor air quality in your Waukesha, Wisconsin home or office.

What is Ultraviolet Air Purification?

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers have been used for decades in government buildings and hospitals, where the quality of the air can be vitally important to the recovery of the patients. UV sterilization is 100 percent safe and effective, killing 99.9 percent of harmful organisms. The UV sterilization chamber sits alongside your air handling system to purify the air as it passes through it.

S.W.A.T Environmental can install this tried and tested technology in your Waukesha, Wisconsin home or office. Whether you want to protect the health of your family or your employees, we can provide an Air Purification UV sterilization system that will improve the air quality of your home or office building.